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 ====== Welcome to the Guinnux Community wiki ====== ====== Welcome to the Guinnux Community wiki ======
-===== Guinnux for RaspberryPi is here ====+===== Guinnux for the NXP LS1043A RDB ==== 
 +The QorIQ® LS1043A processor is NXP's first quad-core, 64-bit ARM®-based processor for embedded networking and industrial infrastructure solutions. The LS1043A Reference Design Board is also the perfect platform to port the newly released Guinnux for Aarch64 onto.  
 +Follow the instructions [[ls1043ardb:​install|here]] to get Guinnux for Aarch64 onto the LS1043A RDB and unleash some Enterprise Embedded Linux over the 4 X Cortex-A53 cores.
-Guinnux 5 is finally available for the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi platform. Guinnux provides a full featured, headless distribution,​ suitable for embedded enterprise deployment. Learn more about deploying Guinnux on your favourite RPi [[rpi:​install|here]] 
 ===== What is Guinnux? ===== ===== What is Guinnux? =====
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