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Recent updates

Guinnux for BeagleBone Black is now available

Guinnux 5 is now available for another popular embedded platform, the BeagleBone Black.

To get started, follow the instructions here.

Guinnux for the NXP LS1043A RDB

The QorIQ® LS1043A processor is NXP's first quad-core, 64-bit ARM®-based processor for embedded networking and industrial infrastructure solutions. The LS1043A Reference Design Board is also the perfect platform to port the newly released Guinnux for Aarch64 onto.

Follow the instructions here to get Guinnux for Aarch64 onto the LS1043A RDB and unleash some Enterprise Embedded Linux over the 4 X Cortex-A53 cores.

Guinnux for RaspberryPi is here

raspberry-pi-logo.jpg Guinnux 5 is finally available for the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi platform. Guinnux provides a full featured, headless distribution, suitable for embedded enterprise deployment. Learn more about deploying Guinnux on your favourite RPi here

Guinnux for aarch64

Guinnux for 64-bit ARM cores is now available from the brand new Guinnux aarch64 repository. The accompanying toolchain, incorporating the makepkg/pacman toolchain dependency management, is available for download from the Guinnux downloads section here. Instructions on howto get Guinnux aarch64 up and running in qemu can be found here.

Revamp of the Guinnux website

We are happy to announce the new look Guinnux website. Less commercial more info. The focus of the website is now solely on the Wiki pages. This makes it a lot easier to give information over in less of a business weasel way.

All the old favorites are still accessible from anywhere:

Guinnux Homepage - Either or

Guinnux Downloads -

Guinnux Repositories -

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