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The Guinnux 5 Toolchain

This page contains howtos and information about the Guinnux 5 toolchain.

Download the current release/stable toolchain from Guinnux toolchains file serve. The correct toolchain depends on your platform.

The rest of the tutorial follows on as if you chose the 32-bit toolchain. If you chose the AArch64 toolchain you should use aarch64-gnx5-linux-gnueabi instead of arm-gnx5-linux-gnueabi wherever that appears.

Now set the toolchain into your path. This can be done by editing .bashrc file in the home directory.

$ <editor> ~/.bashrc

Add to your export PATH the path of your new toolchain binary directory:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/your/path/toolchain/arm-gnx5-linux-gnueabi/bin

You may prefer to add the toolchain to the front of your path, this ensures that the shell will prefer toolchain executables:

$ export PATH=/your/path/toolchain/arm-gnx5-linux-gnueabi/bin:$PATH

Finally install/update packages with the following command:

$ arm-gnx5-linux-gnueabi-pacman -Sy

Note that Guinnux 5 is forked from Arch ARM linux and therefore uses the same package manager, Pacman. See the Archwiki Pacman page for more details. The toolchain wraps the package manager so that we can manage toolchain sysroot dependencies with the package manager.

Fedora 23 Specific

If errors occur the following can be tried:

Update your glibc, a full system update is the proper way to go probably

  $ dnf upgrade glibc
  $ dnf update

Make sure you have the following installed:

  • bsdtar
  • fakeroot
  • strip (might not be necessary, strip is used to strip x86_64 binaries)

If not then:

  $ dnf install bsdtar fakeroot

And install all development tools:

  $ dnf group install "Development Tools"
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