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Guinnux for the BeagleBone Black

We are able to install Guinnux for the BeagleBone Black from the Guinnux rescue filesystem. This tutorial describes how to prepare an SD card with the rescue filesystem and install the Guinnux distribution on the eMMC of the BeagleBone Black.

Preparing the SD card

Download the latest rescue filesystem image here. It is then very easy to write the image to your SD card. Insert the SD card and find out which device it is enumerated as.

ls /dev/sd*

On my PC, the SD card is found at /dev/sdb. Now write the rescue image to the SD card.

xz -d ./rescue-bbb.img.xz
sudo dd if=./rescue-bbb.img of=/dev/sd[insert letter] bs=1M

Remove the SD card, and insert it into the BeagleBone Black.

Booting the rescue system and installing Guinnux

To boot Guinnux we will need to use the serial console on the J1 header of the BBB. Install minicom or any other serial communication program. There are numerous ways to connect to the serial port. Search the web or use an article such as Dave Cheney's guide.

Connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the BBB and power up the board. The Guinnux rescue system will now boot. NOTE: If you already have a system installed on the eMMC, you will need to hold down the boot button (S2), on the BBB to boot off the SD card.

The default login is root with password 'bigbang'.

Confirm that you are connected to the internet.

ping -c 5

If everything seems okay, you can run the installer. Run:


and answer the prompts.

Running Guinnux

Now that Guinnux is installed you can powerdown the BBB. Once powered down, remove the SD card and power up the board once more. The full Guinnux system will boot and you can login with the same credentials as before. The full Guinnux system is now available, see the Getting started guide for more information.

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